Why choose us?

Unbeatable service for a satisfied stomach

Involved in the community

We strongly believe in the involvement with the community through small gestures such as getting involved in events like Christmas baskets and other events.

Local employees

We are always hiring people from the region who have passion and drive.

Continuous improvements

We want to get involved with young people by listening to them and asking them how we can improve our service or our meals.

Annie Turmel


16 years of my career began in a childhood center which allowed me to develop my interest in good nutrition as well as educating children about where food comes from which is a value that should be instilled at a young age. I also worked with the educators to introduce new foods. I also used my acting skills to introduce new foods to the kids. We made a garden to educate children to sweeten the foods on their plates. For me the proximity to the land and the origin of the food is important and especially to cook them with respect and to pay tribute to them on the plate of the one who will taste them. Chef annie has made his way in the field of the chef at home as well as caterer for all kinds of events. Chef Annie opened the Chef Annie bistro in 2017 in Huntingdon. Subsequently returned to her old passions: cooking for children and teenagers.